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March 2018
Harsh Anand     Sairam Mutha     Laxmi Pendse
Sham Rathod    Shesh Mishra     Bhargavi Kumar
Pavan Nanda    Akshat Verma     Bharath Kulkarni 
Hemanth Upadhyay    Lalita Kochar  Mounika Agrawal 
Ayush Wadhwa

February 2018
Khushal G.    Priyanka Khurana    Shyam Majahan
Ruchit Shah     Neha Bhandari    Akshy Verma
Vinod Kundaliya     Suresh Raghuveer   Shivaji Chitikeshi
Sirisha Murke    Rachana Mishra   Lakshmi Arora 
Vijaya Mehra 

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Looking for a best deal for on-site as well as online Salesforce training programs in Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Noida, Kolkata & Bengaluru? Well, you can most comfortably and assuredly bank upon Intelogik to get hands-on knowledge in Salesforce through a system of self-paced, flexible pattern of comprehensive learning. Pune being a booming IT hub in India has numerous lucrative opportunities for professionals in the domain of CRM. Salesforce being the world’s top ranking CRM tool has become an important criteria for fetching highly-paying IT jobs. For working professionals, Intelogik offers them smart weekend virtual training courses in Salesforce training. The learners get expert mentoring by industry experts who provide their valuable support and assistance in Live projects as well in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Noida & Kolkata.

There are innovative assessment tools and programs to verify the progress of learners in Salesforce and one is able to become efficient in handling numerous CRM issues and data management in a very short span of time. As you enroll with Pune’s Intelogik’s Salesforce certification course, you’ll gain certified, hands-on expertise in managing and developing apps for Salesforce also training available in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Noida, Hyderabad & Kolkata. The training will prepare you for the core administrative features of CRM. You shall also learn analytics and customization skills to tailor the system for your specific implementation and master the declarative capabilities of Salesforce platform to create new applications.

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Salesforce Certification


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Salesforce pardot / architect / marketing cloud certification

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2016Excellence Award

Salesforce Certification

Almost all companies need Salesforce certified people with real time project knowledge, no matter you are at fresher or managerial level. And we at Intelogik can help you to become job ready.

SalesForce: Administration Essentials for New Admins
Course Code: (ADM201)
  • Customizing applications, business processes tabs, fields, and page layouts.
  • Understanding navigation around the data model.
  • Managing multiple user profiles
  • Creating a secure and effective Salesforce environment.
  • Creating efficient dashboards and reports.
  • Learning how to automate workflows.
  • Enabling service cloud collaboration
Programmatic Development using Apex and Visualforce
Course Code: (DEV 450)
  • Use declarative interfaces for creating and modifying the objects
  • Write Apex classes and triggers to customize business logics by using DML and SOQL
  • Explain the working of trigger code
  • Explain the basic aspects to design programs of multi-tenant platforms
  • Customize UI with Visualforce codes and markups
  • Test Apex and Visualforce with pre-built testing frameworks
Declarative Development for Platform App Builders
Course Code: (DEV-402)
  • Design and manage the correct data model based on business requirements.
  • Configure application security.
  • Define business logic and process automation declaratively.
  • Design user interfaces.
  • Customize applications for mobile use and lightning.
  • Deploy applications.
Programming Lightning Components
Course Code: DEV 601
  • Creating reusable, custom Lightning applications and components in an efficient manner
  • Surface Lightning applications and components in a Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Create a Salesforce1 mobile application that derives data from your org.
  • Design input forms through client-side data validation.
  • Design and implement apps that have scope for editing in creating, reading, and updating data from a Salesforce org.
  • Invoke Salesforce1 features programmatically.
  • Share and make components available to other developers using AppExchange and other packages.
  • Use Lightning Tokens and SLDS for speed by giving a theme your application

Disclaimer: The trademarks and product names of Salesforce®, including the mark Salesforce®, are the property of Salesforce.com, intelogik is not affiliated with Salesforce.com, nor does Salesforce.com sponsor or endorse the intelogik® products or website. Use of the Salesforce®, trademark on this page does not indicate an endorsement, recommendation or business relationship between Salesforce.com, and Intelogik.

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