A Safe and Secure Cloud Experience

Intelogik assists its clients in introducing their businesses effectively To The Cloud and aiding them To Their Convenience. We ensure them high productivity and good CRM solutions. Our technical experts help our clients to shift their business to safe and secure cloud system of Salesforce.  Salesforce is number one cloud solution for effective and safe CRM services that also gives you other benefits such as:

  • Real time information, synching in all the devices.
  • Easier and hassle-free collaboration and sharing of projects.
  • Enhanced orientation towards project deliverables rather than issues of involved infrastructure.
  • Lower IT maintenance.
  • Scissors on major (software and hardware) costs.
  • Smooth integrations of applications, processes, departments and services.
  • Immediate addressing the needs of ever-evolving business processes.
  • Super speedy to develop and go live.

Stay Assured You Can Bank Upon Us For the Following Reasons:

  • Intelogik’s technical consultants have a deeper knowledge of cloud and Salesforce technology and they bring in fresh perspectives with novel ideas to enhance your business growth and effective handling of business processes.
  • Our team undertakes the analysis of your business to determine customised strategy that will best suit you while managing business on cloud.
  • Even if you have nil prior background of cloud technology, you have nothing to worry with Intelogik at your side to develop and implement Salesforce.

After developing, implementing, and satisfactorily testing the functionality of the technology, we would offer the system review, the necessary training and incessant support.