Salesforce Quickstart Implementation

With prompt assistance from our Salesforce Consulting Experts, Intelogik gives you self-paced training sessions and enables your technical and non-technical staff to acquire expertise in Salesforce.

For this Intelogik offers you Salesforce Quickstart implementation sessions. We give you crisp bootcamps on how to review your business process and help your team understand the knity gritties of Salesforce as a CRM platform and what wonders it can do for your business.

We equip your staff with the knowledge of:

  • Fields, objects, list views, reports, dashboard, rules & permissions unique to your process.
  • We teach your staff how to modify page layouts, tabs.
  • We train them to guide using the system, focusing specifically on navigation, as well as creation of field and objects, workflows, and tracking activities.
  • Your employees also learn to use documentation, leading to better recording, tracking and analysis of business process and its performance.

Getting Ready for the session

  • Getting your Salesforce platform (trial / paid) version ahead of consulting is the best way to beginning. If you are bit uncertain about the version to take, a meeting with our expert consultant would offer you the clarity you seek.
  • Sketch out your business process in an easy and detailed manner, say flowchart or spreadsheets, but not verbose, reflecting the potential needs to be addressed where Salesforce can assist you.
  • Keep current records and tracking systems at ready to refer to if needed.
  • List out the features you reckon to be implemented, leaving out topics you deem unimportant.