Salesforce Site Design

We have pioneered the Offshore Development on / and have mastered the art of executing projects based on Onshore / Offshore model.

Force.Com Sites allow you to create public web applications and websites that are able to run natively on Force.Com – with your own domain. Force.Com sites allow you to smoothly and conveniently extend the reach to your external audiences and your site visitors don’t need to authenticate to view your pages.

Some key features of Sites include:

The Sites technology utilizes Visualforce, which is a key platform framework for building and deploying custom user interfaces.
You can easily use the built-in content distribution network integration to cache pages.
The URL for each site can use your unique your own domain.

Intelogik believes in attaining 100% customer satisfaction and are continuously working to enhance the technical depth and quality of leadership.

Companies of all sizes from all over the world have taken advantage of technology services delivered by us. We believe that lucrative business is achieved through a total commitment and in providing the best value for money to our clients. Our goal is to be your trusted partner and truly understand your business process and information technology needs.

By utilising the development platform intelligently, our adept teams at Intelogik structures and constructs your websites, in the most robust and user-friendly manner. Sites designed and developed by our developers assure high integrity with your personalised back-end system, which is indeed a matchless attribute that most of the sites over the internet aren’t embracing.

Tasks Performed by Our Competent Technicians at Development Platform :

Intranet and Corporate Websites :

We believe in effectively translating your vision into reality as per standards of  your requirements. Our team competently creates corporate site or site for the intranet, in highly exclusive way giving you customised solutions, keeping in view the vision and mission of your business.

Microsites :

Intelogik commits to give you every possible end to end solution with development platform. Whether it is about exposing a certain part of your site to your external audience or creation of such numerous microsites, our skilled developers give you all that your desire for your business requirements. We make dynamic pages that can be further used to share selected information with the end users.

Web Applications :

We undertake creation of tailor-made web applications based on the concept of cloud computing. Our team of skilled professionals create the same for you on development platform. Intelogik promises you ideal solutions for your e-commerce site or any other business site, we simplify your complex business structure, and give your end-to-end web application-based solutions. Our qualified specialists assist promptly you to the fullest in this regard.

Personalised Business Applications :

In this competitive technical world, Intelogik helps its clients to excel and stay ahead of its competitors in all CRM aspects. Our professional technicians create customised business structure and business applications. Whether it is about revamping the infrastructure or of customising your web presence to impressive the potential clientele, we ensure all this in a very economical budget.